Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat

In January I read Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat, which you can read online for free by clicking that link!

It was recommended to me by one of my closest friends. I had asked her what I should begin reading and she said I should read this to understand my history. As a white American man I had always thought something was off when learning American history in school. It seemed usually too convenient or too rosy. I grew up in the Dakotas so I learned more of the genocide of the Native Americans than other parts of the United States, but all of my knowledge and teachings couldn't prepare me for this book.

In it, the author provides a materialist foundation for all of the paradigms of American history- colonization, slavery, civil rights, industrialization. This is not wholly new, others have attempted to explain the American experiment through Marxist science, but Settlers goes a step further and talks about Settlers (i.e. White Americans) as a priviledged class, or to put it more bluntly- the driving force behind all of the suffering of the last 250+ years.

I often looked at the United States after reading theory and tried to identify who the proletariat class really is. It was often difficult, as people who work with their hands often do make good money. Even the poorest person in the United States often has some creature comforts. Settlers makes it very clear that after the World Wars we outsourced our proletariat- We have a globalized economy that provides the American class with all of it's goods- as we exploit the labor of those in other countries- almost exclusively black and brown folks.

Which means the struggle for liberation is not a national struggle- but a global struggle. While there were grandiose ideas of a global liberation struggle- the Capitalist class had not organized in such a way as to make it so easy- until recently. Look at supply chain issues and see how fragile they are. A strike or two in the production of another country would uproot the American way of life.

I encourage everyone to read Settlers- even if you aren't American, or White. The rise of the American Empire shows just how they did it and is extremely eye-opening.

I often thought American History was somehow something outside of myself- like it wasn't my history. But I very much the inheriter of such a legacy. While I didn't ask for it, I didn't do anything wrong- If we don't do something, then we are complicit.

Half way through Settlers I felt a great need to write a poem- there was this vivid imagery that I couldn't get out of my head:



I see a tower of writhing flesh- Babylon.

Upon which people die and fuck and birth,

Supported by the mass of generations which come upon the Earth.

Below each man lies the corpse of countless generations,

bending and swaying to support their grandchildren into the future.

The goal of Everyman:

To mount the great summit

Of the writhing mass of flesh;

To birth the next fresh climber

To step upon the necks-

If the next-

Of those before them bereft such privilege to be born from wretched death.

I see my great grandfather's gaze as I am born upon the burden,

To understand the great heap of which I am born-

To be certain is

So much different than the man with darker skin.

Who is born down at the bottom to carry the weight of even the most guiltless of saints.

To feel the weight of those above,

Yet to realize the weight of those below.

Do we yet see the grace of Babylon?

To throw off our chains and carry,

To climb off the corpses of millions we bury.

To stop the endless climb towards heaven,

And to take arms with our own true brethren.


If you want to read more Marxist theory but don't know where to begin- take a look at my good friend's site- The Proletariat Library.

The Collapse or Not: A year of learning useful skills

There is something happening. It is now 2023 and revolution is coming. It is inevitable that our globalized capitalism is faltering- the cracks are all beginning to show- not just to us dirty commies who saw the cracks, but everybody can see them. Just look at this laughable article Why every brand should be anti-capitalist.


It's extremely aware that the typical practices of brand-based marketing are failing. Also this article is a joke- the author writes that they are anti-capitalist but pro-consumer. What the fuck does that even mean?


Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about what communism would mean if it came to be. If the revolution is coming it will not necessarily be supplanted with communism, or necessarily even socialism- the truth is we don't know. But my instincts tell me the first thing to go will be globalization.


The scenario that runs through my head is a dissolution of centralized government or even trade routes upended. I'm not a doomsday prepper- I don't believe the end is near- I just know that the way we currently live our lives is unsustainable.


For how long can we continue consuming? How long can we keep up the charade? The answer is not much longer. We've already seen the fragile system of commerce put stress on the markets. Look at the current baby formula shortage.


That's right- fragile capitalism was brought to its knees by COVID- a disease caused most likely by people eating bats. Literal consumption caused stress to Capitalism. It's kind of poetic.


Anyways, If the revolution comes and we live in a Marxist Utopia then we will need skills; new skills. The ones we've developed are only good for being consumers and obedient workers. We will need to become self-sufficient and relearn valuable skills to keep our communities fed, to keep them sustainable, and to make sure everyone has everything they need to thrive.


If the global system collapes we will need the same set of survival skills- we will need to have the same set of skills we do in our Marxist Utopia. To hedge my bets, I'm learning the skills and theory necessary to raise a sustainable community where everybody has what they need. Also like worse comes to worse I learn some valuable skills.


To do so I'm starting with the below basic topics and I asked OpenAI's ChatGPT to help me come up with a list of things such a community may need:


  • Agriculture and Food production: People in the community would need to be able to grow and produce food in a sustainable manner, potentially using techniques such as permaculture or regenerative agriculture.
  • Energy production: The community would need to produce its own energy, possibly through renewable sources such as solar, wind, or hydro power.
  • Building and construction: Members of the community would need skills in building and maintaining structures using sustainable materials and techniques.
  • Resource management: The community would need to manage its resources efficiently, including water, waste, and materials.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Strong communication and collaboration skills would be important for building and maintaining a cohesive community.
  • Decision-making: The community would need to be able to make collective decisions and solve problems in a democratic and equitable manner.
  • Adaptability and Resiliency: The community would need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and challenges, and have the resilience to recover from setbacks.


I agree with most of the above, but will be taking a meandering path, these are just good suggestions. I'll be blogging about what I learn and how I learn it- so if you want to follow along with me you can also learn!


Also I'm vegan so my focus will be on creating communities that are also vegan- or mostly vegan as veganism is much more sustainable than animal husbandry.


I'm not handy- I'm hardly mechanically inclined- so this is going to be quite the undertaking for me. I'm a computer nerd- not a lumberjack. But I'm ready to put in the work to see what I can do.




New Year; Live Streaming

Hope you all are enjoying 2023 so far!

Today is Public Domain Day- and to celebrate I streamed Metropolis on my very own Owncast Server! (which just re-entered the Public Domain in the US today!)

I had seen Grafo's Owncast server and thought it would be fun to have one to host things like movie nights! Of course that's fun, but I also think it could be neat to use for just general streaming. One main feature of my website is I always have a large Gif image that changes at my whim. Usually it's from Digimon: The Movie because I have an unhealthy obsession with it.

Instead of just having a gif image there- why not have my Owncast server there as well? Now if you go to you can also see if I'm live streaming. If I'm not- no big deal- it'll display a gif just like always!


We had a pretty good Christmas and New Years. As I had mentioned previously we recently moved back closer to family. The kids went and stayed with their grandparents and my wife and I enjoyed a quiet New Years Day at home. I spent most of the day doing nothing- which was nice.



About six months ago I moved back home to the Midwest for a new job and to be closer to family. 

I grew up in this area but I don't remember it being this cold. 

The wind has picked up and it's even colder now. It's kind of impressive. 

Being closer to family is nice. I'll be able to be home for a family Christmas again and I'm excited for my kids to get to have a Christmas like I used to have.

Website Updates!

Hey everyone- been hard at work updating my site.


  • Optimized and compressed images and removed some scripts that may have been slowing things down


  • Added an accessibility feature that let's visitors change the colors of the root variables used on the page! If you click the little paint palette in the corner of any page on it will bring up a color picker! Some of my seasonal CSS choices are hard to read so I wanted to have this feature for people that may have trouble reading!


  • Changed the paragraph font. The Digimon-inspired font I was using for everything was pretty difficult to read. It's great for short things like headers but I wanted to make my site easier to read!
  • New links page- Inspired by Melonking's Every Site needs a Link Page. It has categories and shows when the links were last updated.


  • And of course the addition of this blog! Which is going to be a great way to update about my life and my site.


In other news- it's too damn cold! It's 1 degree fahrenheit right now!


Hope everyone is staying warm and having a good December. We finally got around to putting up our Christmas tree!

Why a Blog?

I've been wanting a blog for a while. Not for anything to exciting or important, but just as an easier way to update my site in a more informal way. Rather than editing and creating entire pages of content- sometimes it's nice just to say what I feel or think.

I set up this blog using Dotclear- being hosted for free on Hopefully making this blog will encourage me to write more- or maybe you'll be reading this in 2026 wondering what happened to Auzzie.


Who knows?